Analysis: Was The Atomic Bomb Necessary?

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Was the Atomic Bomb Necessary? It was necessary for the United States to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Truman’s decision to do this was because of the american lives, the Pearl Harbor in general, and bringing an end to it all. This all began when Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor and, for precautions, the U.S. Interned Japanese people here in our country. To avoid invading Japan and losing military forces, the bomb was created and dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was an impact on the whole nation of Japan emotionally/ mentally, but physically on the general public of the two targeted cities. Discussions about the atomic bomb has always been common and all over the place. It’s important because the United States could be in a different…show more content…
This was because everyone in America was caught by complete surprise. Doing things by surprise is a common thing, but brings out the worse in everyone. When this happened, there were over 3,000 U.S. Casualties, over 300 U.S. Aircraft damaged/destroyed, and over 20 U.S. Ships damaged/destroyed. This was also a big reason for the A-bomb because it was unnecessary for Japan to kill so many American lives and property, all because they were upset that former president Franklin D. Roosevelt interfered with Japan’s internal affairs. If that was their main reason, they could have figured some thing out through words, not actions like this one, It was necessary for the dropping of the Atomic bomb because the attack on Pearl Harbor needed to be payed back. Aside from the war, America would get revenge any ways, even one that would end the war…show more content…
The President/ Government had to put aside the cons for the people of Japan and worry about the people of America. It was necessary and a justice thing to do to end any further conflict. This topic is important because depended on the future of America. Anything done differently could change the way America is today in an unexplainable way. This relates to future agreements between Japan and America like in their friendship as countries. Today could have been different because we could still have been attacked over the years if something didn’t put it all to and
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