Analysis: We Should We Honor Our Veterans

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We should honor our veterans the way young children honor their favorite superhero. Our veterans are real life superheroes, they willingly fight to protect us and make many sacrifices to ensure our country 's safety. Veterans have to go months or even years without being with their family. They put themselves at risk of developing psychological issues such as post traumatic stress disorder —also known as PTSD— and having to cope with many different injuries. While every person who joins the military does not go through combat, they still endure and live with harsh situations. To be a veteran means that you have answered a certain call that not everyone can; less than one percent of Americans are currently serving in the military. When these young men and…show more content…
The families and the member may feel distant or depressed from the lack of communication. Our veterans have gone through more than we could imagine, they have fought battles without even firing a single bullet. For many the mentality that they will never go home or even see their loved ones again can prove to be overwhelming, and unfortunately there are things that many members have done and will have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives. These young men and women face these challenges everyday and always strive to overcome any and all obstacles in their path. We should honor our veterans because they have fought for our right to freedom. They have done things many of us could never imagine and they are rarely thanked for their service. They sacrificed their rights to fight for ours. Many do not realize what they would have to give up to protect others and would be in awe at the thought. So I challenge you, the next time and any time you meet a veteran, thank them for their service; show our veterans we honor them for honoring

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