Analysis: When Living Is A Fate Worse Than Death

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Life or Death
Who chooses death over life? Sometimes we have to make this decision over a loved one when there is no hope for their recovery. It would be incredibly hard to make this life or death decision on another human being and twice as hard when it is someone we love. The author discusses the argument of this controversial topic of sustaining life at any cost or dying peacefully as an ethical issue. An ethicist, a person who specializes in or writes on ethics, can provide valuable discernment with respect to right and wrong motives or actions. Involving a medically trained ethicist to provide family members with some guidance on this very difficult decision can be helpful. In the article, “When living is a Fate Worse than Death”, Christine Mitchell describes a sympathetic, emotional look into the life and death of a family’s little girl.
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In life, we are not guaranteed a long life or even a pain free life. The author talks about a very emotional decision that a young couple must make concerning their critically ill daughter and their journey of choosing to do everything possible to save her life but regrettable not being with her when she died. As the family and the medical team reflect on the life of Charlotte, the young little girl that died, many questions were asked. Did the medical team accurately assess the situation? Did they provide immediate lifesaving treatment? Should they have let Charlotte die peacefully? These and many more questions are asked when faced with life and death
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