Analysis: Who Was To Blame For The Titanic Disaster

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Who Was To Blame For The Titanic Disaster? The Titanic was famous because it is more than three football pitches long and weighing about 46,000 tons. The titanic was taller than a 17-story building. It was known to be unsinkable. Inside the Titanic there was a gymnasium, a Parisian café and a tennis court. It set sail on the 10th April 1912, and it sunk on the 14th April 1912 – four days after it set sail. It was famous because it was the largest man-made object in the world. The Titanic was carrying 2,223 people, 1,517 people died. The guests were split into three different classes; first, second and third class, and the higher classes had an advantage when it came to boarding lifeboats and being closer to the top of the deck where the lifeboats…show more content…
He also thought that the ship was unsinkable due to the 16 water compartments. However the compartments didn’t reach that high, Andrews reduced the amount of water compartments to make more space for the first-class cabins. If only there were enough water compartments, the Titanic wouldn’t have sunk. Stanley Lord, Captain of the “Californian” ship. He was only sailing 30km away from the Titanic, although he was aware about the ship sinking he didn’t try to help them. If only Lord made some signs that a sink was sinking that would save so many people’s lives. The last suspect is Bruce Ismay the man in charge of the White Star Line. He was eager to prove that the Titanic was the biggest and most luxurious. Did he put pressure on Captain Smith on the speed of the Titanic? The White Star Line decided to remove some of the lifeboats to make room for more first-class cabins. The original design was equipped with 32 lifeboats, enough for everyone on the ship. The finished ship only had 20 lifeboats that were enough for only 1178 people. I think that the suspect that was mostly to blame was Captain Smith. If he didn’t ignore the seven signs the ship would have sunk. He was just too eager to make the ship the most fastest and trying to break a record. If he didn’t speed that much he would have time to slow down before hitting the
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