Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Are they students or employees? They spend more time with the sport than in school. Student athletes should be acknowledged for their performances. College athletes should be paid to play because they bring money into the school, advertisement, and they perform the same tasks of pros. College kids bring in thousands of dollars every game day. They play their hearts out every single night, and will do whatever it takes to get the win. If someone sacrifices his body for the better good of a team, then they should be treated like professionals would if they had done the same thing. Which is paying them some portion of the money that they just made for you. In his article "Should college athletes be paid to play?", Marc Edelman states, "Fifty colleges report annual revenues that exceed $50 million. These revenues come from numerous sources, including ticket sales, sponsorship, and the sale of broadcast rights." This quote proves that the students are bringing in lots of money and the school has plenty to give. College athletes should be paid because they contribute to the school revenues. When it comes to getting fans in the arena it all happens because of the stars coming out of the locker room. Student athletes can be looked at as advertisement because they persuade people to come watch their skills. From all the talk of first…show more content…
In his article "Should college athletes be paid to play?", Kenneth J. Cooper states, "These young men are laboring under strict and arduous conditions, so they really are laborers in terms of the physical demands on them while they 're also trying to go to school and being required to go to school." This quote helps me prove that these students are actually workers that is bringing in business for the school. Athletes are the reason the fans are in the arena, the reason the school makes consistent money, and the reason they recruit
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