Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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As we all know the struggle to stay above water financially for college students is very real. While attending college full time it is difficult enough to maintain a job as it is. When you add the factor of being an athlete to this equation it makes this struggle of having a job ten times more difficult. This is because being an athlete is like having a full time job, it consumes a lot of time and leaves no time to get a paying job. This is why I pose the argument that all college athletes should get paid. This struggle raises a lot of questions; what are people doing about the situation right now?, what are the different organizations involved, if any?, in what areas are people working and fighting?, and what kind of tactics are they using?…show more content…
One statistical example of this (backed up by facts on is “A student who comes to Arizona from another state can expect to pay around $28,400 in tuition, fees, books and supplies for an academic year. Adding in an off-campus apartment and other expenses brings that to around $47,500, the National Center for Education Statistics says. Making up the $6,500 difference is no small task because the demands of athletics and the restrictions on athletes make it nearly impossible for them to hold down a job”. These are not small amounts of money, and are very hard to come by, especially for college students. The main tactic being used to ensure that college athletes will be paid in the future one day is, the argument that it is so hard for students to afford all the things they need let alone the cost of tuition. Another tactic they are using is trying to gain publicity for the entirety of the topic. They know that the more the word gets out the more supporters they will have. This will eventually lead to more powerful activist groups that can potentially accomplish their
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