Analysis: Why Collegiate Athletes Should Get Paid

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Why collegiate athletes should get paid. Collegiate athletes should get paid. This has been a problem many people are bringing up for discussion. Some do not believe collegiate athletes should get paid because it takes away from the “purity” of the sport or because it wouldn’t be quite “fair” and we would then have to pay high school athletes. What a lot of people do not realize is that a college sport is just the same a pro sport but with students. Playing a collegiate sport requires a lot of time and effort from a student. Athletes, spend on average, 43+ hours training or playing their sport. People, at most, work 40 hours a week. Athletes do not have time for a job but some are expected to be able to pay for food or expenses they might have such as, uniform fees, equipment fees, and all others that may apply. Most of the money they need has to come from parents because unlike pro athletes who have extra time to work, the collegiate athletes are working on schooling during…show more content…
Not all athletes receive full rides or any scholarships at all yet, they still spend as much time and put as much effort into the sport just as someone who has had one received. The NCAA league makes a reportedly $11+ billion a year. None of which goes to any athlete. Paying the athlete could make the sport more competitive and appealing to one 's eye. If it becomes more popular it’ll bring in more revenue which is what they are trying to do. Collegiate sports, just like pro sports, are nationally televised and the athletes are sometimes “sold” to others bringing in even more money but the athlete is not allowed to receive any of it. Even collegiate coaches bring in over $100 thousand a year and can even work a separate job to bring in more if they please. But yet, the athletes are left with if at all possible, a scholarships for room and board and
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