Analysis: Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

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The question of the day that everyone is trying to figure out is, why did the chicken cross the road? Well that is what I am here to explain. The reasoning behind it is that, the chicken crossed the road because not only did he need to get to the other side he wanted to see and discover what was so great about the other side. He was trying to find himself by doing new things. Since he may just seem as a chicken to you, he is much more and has created a scenario that everyone has a different answer to. The chicken had a mind of curiosity to go see the other side, it was not fate that he was going to go to the other side. It was his own free will to cross and see what was over there. He had a choice to stay on the side he was on and just…show more content…
But what if the chicken knew he was destined to stay on that side, would he have stayed? Would he still have went to the other side? Maybe he would have still crossed and did not care of it, maybe he would have stay being afraid of why he was suppose to stay. He could have crossed of being afraid of why he had to stay on that one side. If the chicken knew what he had to do why go against it and just ignore it if it were not fate but if it were in his own control to what he wanted to have a better or worse life. The chicken could misunderstand on the situation because he does not have all the information on what needs to happen and does the exact opposite. How is the chicken suppose to know what to do if no one tells him or is gonna be truthful with him. Is he suppose to guess of what he is suppose to do, what if makes bad choice off his actions. But that is not something someone chose for him, he chose it and is now going through consequences of his own actions. People and say it was the chickens destiny to cross the road but really he chose to cross the road and get to the otherside. No matter what anyone says the chicken has free will to do whatever he wants to do and it was not written out for him that it would happen, it was not fate that he crossed
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