Analysis: Why Did The Moon Landing Conspiracy

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Moon Landing Conspiracy A great deal of people believe that the landing on the moon, or Apollo 11, did not happen. People think the U.S. filmed the “landing” in a studio because they were losing in the Space Race. The Space Race was a race to the moon between many, countries including the U.S. and the Soviet Union. At the time the U.S. was losing, so they had to land a person to the moon quicker than the Soviet Union. Did the landing on the moon actually happen, or was it all a lie? It seems to me that the moon landing was real. The U.S. is an advanced country and in 1969 we had the technology to bring a person on the moon. After many tests, we were able to successfully get a person, Neil Armstrong, to the moon. Although we were losing in…show more content…
Some may say the U.S. could have bribed them so they wouldn’t expose the U.S., but if the U.S. had the money to bribe them, why couldn’t they use that money on building a rocket. The Soviet Union and Japan could easily prove that the landing was real because they tracked it. Why would the Soviet Union lie about Apollo 11, when they could expose the U.S. and be the first country to actually get a man on the moon? In 2009, 40 years after the moon landing, pictures were taken of where the Lunar Buggy was on the moon. These pictures can prove that the U.S. did land on the moon. Tracks from different objects stay on the moon, therefore NASA could easily take pictures today and confirm the moon landing was real. 400,000 people worked at NASA for a decade just to build the rocket that would carry Neil Armstrong to the moon. Do you think all 400,000 people would be able to keep a big of a secret as the U.S. lying about the moon landing? That would be an enormous risk to the U.S. to trust all of the people working at NASA. Therefore, we can’t forget about the people who actually watched the rocket launch. This just adds to the amount of people who would have had to keep the secret if the landing was

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