Analyst Analysis: Critical Analysis Of Juicy Couture Advertising

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Juicy Couture Critical Analysis Advertising has been around pretty much forever, for people to see how things can impact others lives and to get people to buy certain items. The goals for advertising is getting people to buy items they might otherwise might not buy. And to inform customers of what might happen if they buy a certain product, also to inform others about products that might not work. Another way that they use it to inform the public is with what a politicians goals may be for the future. The ad that I choose is a Juicy Couture perfume advertisement. The design of the ad is a very simple design with a model and the model of perfume. The ad is balanced with the model on one side and the perfume bottle and writing on the other…show more content…
Her hair is a dirty blonde which might suggest to the buyer that she is a rebel and that she can conquer anything that life throws at her. It seems this way because of what we see in movies, because the rebel or strong female character most of the time has blonde hair, so then we want to feel like we are that rebel. She is wearing a very low cut black top which can attract a male to her and make them want their wife or girlfriend to start dressing like her. She is wearing bright red lipstick which is a more attractive most men. So the advertiser wants people to notice her so then there is an increase in sales. Advertisers might use models to catch the attention of the opposite sex to buy their product. They use younger women to catch the attention of men, because an older women may make the men not attracted to the perfume…show more content…
Advertising is also making parents miserable because their kids are wanting to become someone that they aren’t. The kids are also wanting to become older faster so this advertisement makes the kids want to become pretty and older faster, which will lead the parents to become more concerned about their kids and how their kids will become. In the past the government was concerned about how much advertisement there was that was targeting kids but now they are letting advertisers target kids even harder then in the past. They are doing this by creating television shows with product placement in the shows to make kids want to become like the characters in the shows and movies, because it is cool and will make them

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