How Does Globalization Affect Local Culture

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Abdullah Alshahrani
EAP2 WW-171
1st Analytical summary

The article” Globalization and Local Culture” is presented by The Levin Institute. The Globalization has many changes in many different foreign cultures and products, such as food, movies, music, and publications. The author describes the effects of Globalization when it can affect in local trade and products. This influence can be happened by the exposure to globalization. The author also mentions that the modern globalization of culture can be taken place in a foreign culture as a result of Americanization. Additionally, the author explains the effects which can change foreign cultures by spreading of American companies like restaurants and how these restaurants and companies affect many foreign cultures and habits of people. Therefore, these restaurants influence the habits of people like coffee drinking and eating and how the American styles can change cultures just like Starbucks and McDonalds. Furthermore, globalization can lead to changes like films and entertainment industries.
One of the examples the Levin institute (date unknown) mentions is the Globalization makes
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The question is how Globalization can affect the local culture? This article was well written, and it was convincing me too, because the author mentions a lot of facts and examples which related to globalization and its effects on other foreign culture and how most people of other countries suffer from these changes which reflect foreign styles and lives of others .Furthermore, The liven institute explains how some governments, citizens, and countries that had changes in their lives because of globalization and these strange products including fast food, habits, and traditions. Food is a part of the culture, so People should protect their culture from foreign cultures which can make changes and lead to bad results to people’s
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