Analytical Essay: A Rhetorical Analysis Of Bill Clinton

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Along with being the President of the United States, Bill Clinton also holds the title of a liar. After months of going behind the back of wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, the media, as well as the courts, accuse him of having a sexual relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. In an attempt to salvage his reputation, along with his family’s reputation, he lies and denies all accusations during a court trial in which he testifies against Paula Jones’s sexual misconduct accusations, as well. After many reports of sexual harassment, Bill Clinton’s word can be seen as unreliable. Proven in Clinton’s speech, it becomes apparent that he is unreliable when he takes back his denial of the situation and formally apologizes to his family and the people of America for his intolerable actions. Bill Clinton does not directly say…show more content…
In the first portion of his speech he says, “I’ve been honored that you, the people, have entrusted it to me. I am proud of what we have accomplished together. But in this case, I have fallen short of what you should expect from a president.” He searches for pity in his audience, hoping to find forgiveness. In order to appeal to the audience's emotions he is hard on himself and uses phrases that shows how upset he is with himself. This method lets the audience find the slightest bit of sympathy and less shame for Bill Clinton. Further into his speech, he pleads for sympathy again when he pledges to make a great effort to earn the United States Citizens trust again. He reminds the audience of the progress he and the citizens have made over a timespan of six years in hopes that they will overlook his unmannerly act and appreciate his patriotism and the help he has given to the country. With pathos appeal, Bill Clinton reaps pity and forgiveness from his

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