Symbolism In William Golding's 'Lord Of The Flies'

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The Lord of the Flies Essay Seeing that The Lord of the Flies is so complex and is read around the world, it isn’t surprising that there are many different interpretations of what this novel really means. Although, that doesn’t mean that all the interpretations are correct, but that 's also not to say that they are all wrong. This is because this is a novel that can and is taken in different perspectives and viewpoints in order to find the meaning that sticks out the most to the reader. My belief about this novel is that it is a warning about our civilization and how we all have a beast inside of ourselves. I also believe that there are many symbols that support my reasoning such as the following. In chapter 7 on page 113 it describes the first time ralph kills a boar or pig. In earlier events of the novel Jack and his group were the only people to enjoy hunting. Ralph on the other hand would have almost despised it if it weren’t for the fact that it provides food. Although, as we see on this page, Ralph successfully kills a pig and is weirdly (compared to previous…show more content…
Now although this speaks about 2016 it is still so fairly recent. In the article it talks about a lecture Golding gave in 1962 on the reasons why he wrote the book. This is one of the quotes in the article from his lecture “ My book was to say: you think that now the [Second World War] is over and an evil thing destroyed, you are safe because you are naturally kind and decent. But I know why the thing rose in Germany. I know it could happen in any country.” What Golding is saying that just because one war is over doesn’t mean we are all safe from war itself. Just because you think you are a good person doesn’t mean you are immune from becoming a part of evil. This serves to warn people about the truth of the world in the people in
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