Analytical Essay On Fahrenheit 451

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In the fictional novel "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury, the two character Montag and Clarisse, lived in the future where the government is corrupted. As time evolve and the world is changing, the sense of logic become twisted in this society. The world in "Fahrenheit 451" is a place where the idea of "firemen put fires out" appeared to be "long ago" (Bradbury 25). Firemen in this society no longer put out fire, but instead going to start them. The action of a firemen spraying "kerosene" over burning fire is described as an "amazing conductor playing all the symphonies" suggest that this society is twisted (Bradbury 2). Furthermore, the government of this world is a strict and controlling group, for they made reading books "against the law"…show more content…
Upon meeting Clarisse, Montag had "a brief hour of rediscovery" when his mother "lit a last candle" that made "such illumination that space lost its vast dimensions" (Bradbury 17). In agreeing to escort Clarisse on her walk, Montag wanted to remember his rediscovery and to find out who he was through conversing with Clarisse. Clarisse comment, "You never stop to think what I've asked you" forms curiosity in Montag to question the purpose of everything (Bradbury 31). Her remark hint a future that Montag will wonder into the most dangerous place where books resided to find out the truth behind the government's lies. Clarisse's introduction, "I'm seventeen and I'm crazy" cued Clarisse being arrested and put to jail for breaking the law (Bradbury 13). The fact that Clarisse is seventeen suggest that she is more carefree and will fought against whatever she feels is wrong. Being she listened to her uncle to say she's "crazy" clued that she might do something out of the ordinary to try to save the books and got in trouble for
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