Analytical Essay On Illegal Immigration

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An illegal immigrant’s story – From arriving a slave to working on checkout at Tesco – analytical essay Illegal immigrants in the UK are having a very hard time. Because of the lack of papers, they cannot do anything, to change their situation. The live without papers is dangerous, and it is almost impossible for them to get a job. They also experience a deep hatred from the Brits, because of the media. This eventually makes them depressed, and suicidal. Like many others, Ruth is amongst these illegal immigrants. It is very difficult for illegal immigrants like Ruth to live without papers, and sometimes even dangerous. ‘’With no access to benefits that could top up their income, even child benefit, sometimes Ruth and Dyanna are malnourished. Ruth recently had to turn down a new and better-paid job because again she would need to provide her passport” Because of the lack of papers, Ruth and Dyanna cannot use the welfare state, and therefore they are sometimes malnourished. Even kids like Dyanna could be dying on the street, yet the state will not…show more content…
The intended audience is normal people, because Jones is trying to change the minds of ordinary people, who are misinformed about illegal immigrants by the media. If there is an implicit audience, it could possibly be politicians, because they have the ability to change the situation. The themes are illegal immigrants, culture, and racism. This is also, what Jones wants to tell the readers. She wants to highlight, that these illegal immigrants are not as bad as people think, and that they actually are trying to survive, and not trying to abuse the welfare state. Therefore, the point of the article is that the Brits should not be so critical towards these immigrants, and they should not be doing scare campaigns out of pure hatred, as it leads to people like Ruth, almost killing herself and her daughter
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