Analytical Essay On The Declaration Of Independence

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Essay #1: Analysis: The Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence brought a large amount of the modern spirit of American identity with it, imposing a firm political barrier between the then-America and its mother country. The Declaration put in place that rift by showing the tyranny exhibited by King George III, plainly putting into view the fact that the state of them being a colony of Britain simply was not meant to be any more. The colonists resorted to this treason due to the fact that George III would not and had not replied favorably to any other redress, forcing the colonists’ had, making revolution and independence inevitable at that point. The Declaration became the symbol of the American spirit practically within days. From the reading of the document to General Washington’s troops to its postings in the towns, the Declaration firmly planted the idea that had existed in whispers, but now was brought into plain view: independence from tyranny, namely Britain and George III, was inevitable. The idea of freedom from persecution, brought from the foundations of the settlers, was finally brought into the public eye. Many, at first afraid to express the view for independence, finally showed open support for the colonists’ secession from the Crown. Though all of this action was considered high treason, the decisive action of the Founding Fathers signing the document and people responding to its appearance most definitely struck fear into the British
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