Analytical Essay's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The play The Diary of Anne Frank ends with the statement "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." These words were found in a diary entry from July of 1944, several months before she perished in a concentration camp. After reading her story, people have asked questions such as “Why might Anne have felt this way during her ordeal?” or “ What does this reveal about her character and her views about life?” Anne experienced numerous different horrors that we could not even begin to imagine. How do you think you would feel under the conditions that the nazis forced Anne Frank to deal with? Anne’s words, “I guess we can't really blame them, they are just thinking back to when they were our age” reveal much about…show more content…
It goes without saying that Anne was a thoughtful and understanding person who possesses a high level of wisdom and maturity. One can find examples of such characteristics, though her thoughts, words, and actions while she was in the annex; the words that she spoke and did take a large amount of courage and maturity, more than adults possess. A famous quote of hers states that “No one has ever become poor from giving.” Such thoughts show astounding levels of intelligence and maturity. More impressive is that she was able to develop such characteristics at such a young age. The occurrences that she experienced while during 14 years amounts to more than nearly all people experience during an entire lifetime. In conclusion, I believe that Anne Frank was an amazing, and thought provoking person who has great beliefs. Anne appreciated life and enjoyed her life to the fullest. Also, I can conclude that Anne was a extremely forgiving person based on her actions and the quotes that she provided for us. Lastly, I believe that Anne is a thoughtful and understanding person. Anne was wise beyond her years and we will forever remember Anne as an incredible young
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