Analyz Icer Mentor Reflection

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I’ve known since a young age that computers hold a special sway over me- even as a child perched on my uncle’s lap, I loved watching him type programs on his boxy computer with half the memory space as the computer I program on now. The most mesmerizing aspect of computers, to me, was the way their games brought people in and how much everyone loved their stories and characters. It’s been my goal ever since I learned that, yes, people make those games, to become a software developer capable of inventing worlds within a disk. The issue with making content everyone loves, of course, is figuring out what everyone wants and sometimes even changing it. This is probably the biggest struggle I 've seen my classmates face, we 've become such a fact and skill-oriented generation that we 've overlooked being able to talk to people. I’m the Vice President of Community Service and Fundraising for my Future Business Leaders of America chapter, and I’ve met so many kids who had the brains to do the math but lacked the ability to read and…show more content…
officer, to not only help those students learn to interact with other, but also to branch out myself - going to national competitions was both an enlightenment and a humbling experience - and make connections with the…show more content…
So far everything I’ve done outside of my coding lessons has been to boost myself in aspects of computer programming we normally don’t think about, the more artistic and businesslike aspects of the field. Considering the actual act of programming, my teachers both in and out of school have taught me all they can offer, this is why I’m trying to continue my education at UT. What I can do now is prepare myself to broaden my scope of thinking and focus on my abilities to work with and build off of other people, which in the end improves my actual coding skills. I know that if I combine the mentalities of a programmer, a businesswoman, and an artist, I can create games that give people the same amazement I
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