Reflection Of My Learning Style

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1) Introduce yourself as a learner. My learning style is more visual and auditory. I retain information from hearing and seeing. I seem to understand the topics and assignments better when I see examples of the material. Diagrams, flow charts, power points and videos are some examples of visual images that work well for me. I also find that reading can be distracting so I prefer to listen rather than read. I use a talk to text software program, which helps me comprehend information and it keeps me focused. Learning is a never ending process and every day I learn something new through knowledge and experience, which will help me be successful in my future goals.
2) Analyze how your academic skills, knowledge and strengths indicate that
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The instructions were to put both hands on the electricity ball and then have someone else turn the handle. As the handle is turned, the static charge of electricity goes into the generator and up your body. This causes the strands in your hair to repel against one another and in seconds your hair would stand up from the changes in energy. Knowing the Van de Graaff theory and other laws of science will help us in discovering future breakthroughs. Over the years, I've realized that science has shown me that you can use it in technology, math and physics.
5) Conclude with how future career and educational plans are impacted by the person you are. My past experiences throughout school and life has prepared for me my future. After graduation, I plan to go to college and study computer science and technology. My philosophy of life will help me do well in both my future classes and career. I plan on pursuing my goal to become a Computer Hardware Engineer and having a family of my own. Even though it will be a lot of work, I know the successes will be worth it. I believe my high school experience has helped me prepare for the education ahead of

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