Analyze Similarities And Differences Between The Spanish American And Russian Empires

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In the era of 1450-1750, many different empires were taking shape, along with different trades, conquests and cultural diffusion across many different countries. The Ottomans and Mughals were spreading Islam among their conquered regions, China was starting to expand into Central Eurasia during the time of the Qing dynasty, and Japan was starting to become more independent from China and adapting Neo-Confucianism.. In the era, christianity was also getting popular, spreading even farther than before, as well as splitting into a protestant and roman catholic sub-group. Among these developing societies, was Spanish America and Russia who were both alike and different in their expansion and cultural impact of the people in their society. The Spanish went abroad, conquering people overseas, while Russia expanded close to home, both having the same idea of expansion but with different motives. They also impacted the…show more content…
Though they both started expansion around the same time, they did so at different points within their own developing empire. The Spanish had already established themselves as distinct European states but Russia was still taking shape into what is now the modern Russian empire. When the Spanish went to the Americas they were looking for new opportunities and ended up having their main economic foundation for their colonial states be in commercial, agricultural, silver and gold mining. Russia expanded because in the south and east of them they felt that the nomadic pastoral people posed a security threat, but to the east there were no threats but the fur pelts that were in great demand drew them in. So both empires expanded to obtain new resources and conquer new lands, but they conquered different areas during different times in their empires
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