Analyze The Causes And Consequences Of The Whiskey Rebellion

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The Whiskey Rebellion occurred due to the tax imposed upon whiskey, the growing need to pay off war debts, and the urge to levy government power. The Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 occurred mainly throughout West Pennsylvania. The wealthy believed the tax was good for the society, while the laborers believed the government was being too harsh. Farmers rebelled against the tax that Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of State, placed upon whiskey. Tax was placed upon whiskey in order to show the government's power and to also help pay off the debts caused by the Revolutionary War. Another reason why tax was imposed on whiskey was because Alexander Hamilton wanted to levy the government's power over the states. In 1794, farmers in Pennsylvania rebelled…show more content…
Shays’ Rebellion occurred mainly throughout western Massachusetts. Daniel Shays, a former leader of the Continental Army, lead the rebellion throughout Massachusetts. The taxes, imposed by the government, caused many farmers to go into debt. Farmers became angry about this because government officials arrested those who were unable to pay off debts. Farmers, fighting against high taxes, followed the lead of Daniel Shays in an attempt to infiltrate the Springfield Armory. Massachusetts was later forced to adopt pro-debtor laws and regulations. Pro-debtor laws bypassed debt and printed more money. The movements started by Massachusetts citizens inspired a reform that benefited the lower-class. The rebellion led to the demise of the Articles of Confederation, as well. The Articles of Confederation established the first government to unify the thirteen colonies. The Articles of Confederation were written to give states sovereignty and independence and to keep the central government as weak as possible. The Articles of Confederation weakened as time went on. Each state only had one vote in Congress, regardless of size. Congress did not have the power to tax or regulate foreign commerce. Along with the other downfalls of the Articles of Confederation, Congress lacked an Executive Branch. When Shays Rebellion occurred the government was unable to put
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