Analyze The Causes And Effects Of Urbanization In Italy

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Peoples of various ethnic backgrounds and origins settled in the land of modern day Italy as the open coastlines and the availability of crossing points in the mountains of Northern Italy made migration and invasion easily accessible. The Greeks began to enter just after 800 BCE and founded several notable settlements which were established on the western coast as well as the mainland. Greeks referred to the southwest peninsula coast as the “land of cattle” or Fitalia which became the country’s name of Italia by the first century BCE. Another influential migration to the land was that of the Etruscans which were dominant during the sixth century BCE in Italy and had the greatest impact on the formulation of pre-Roman Italian history. These early Etruscans founded cities along the Western Coast and from there moved inland. The effects of their extensive engineering capabilities in urbanizing Italy as well as architecture and artistic contributions resulted in great advancements for the region.
As the Roman Republic emerged during the years of 509 to 264 BCE a rule by kingship was replaced by two consuls exercising rule over the region. The Law of Twelve Tables, the first written law code, was inscribed in bronze in 451 BCE and served as the basis for Roman private law. Through military advancements the Roman army gained control of Etruscan and Latin settlements on the peninsula during this period and became the uncontested ruler of the land. This period was
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