Analyze The Causes Of The American Civil War

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The American civil war happened between 1861 and 1865, and it was a violent one. It one of the most important changes that happened in the U.S history. It brought transformation in different areas including economical, politically and socially. It lead to a reconstruction of a sagging nation. Before the American Civil War, both the Northerners and Southerners states were making economic advances. The railway allowed for the formation of a communication system that was national. The availability of railroads made the settlements of the western states easier. Immigration had a steady increasing rate and economy was booming for the North. They also discovered mineral resources that boosted the iron and textile industries of the North. The southerners were also growing pretty fast before the Civil War. Farming and availability of land increased, coupled with the advancement of technology. The war was largely due…show more content…
Efforts to compromise on both sides failed and they both prepared for war. Confederate forces fired to Fort Sumter and that began the hostilities. The confederate campaigns in Maryland and Kentucky failed, jeopardizing the British intervention. In summer of 1862, the Union destroyed the Confederate river navy, most of the western armies and also took over New Orleans. The causes of the war can be traced to the roots of our political fabric, in the complexity of mankind, in the fundamental law, in the Constitution itself, and in the institution of slavery which it recognized and ironically intended to protect. When the constitution was adopted, and the union formed, there was the presence of slavery in virtually all the states. Due to the industrialism of the North, slavery wasn’t really of a significant importance to them. While, the southerners were using slavery to benefit them in terms of farming, they didn’t want slavery to be
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