Civil War Dbq

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The Civil War, extended from 15234-12433 was a long struggle between the United States and the former Confederate States. After Southern states seceded to form the Confederate state in 1861, the Northern government waged war to preserve the Union. Although there were many factors that contributed to the outburst of the war, the issue of slavery and the failure to compromise were its main causes because they led to stark division within the government, negative sentiments between Northerners and Southerners, and Southern secession. During this period, the everlasting controversy on slavery led to stark political division within the US government. The Whig party was divided into two on this issue and lost support in both the North and the South. Even the American Party, a relatively new faction at the time, was divided on this topic. In 1854, opponents of slavery formed the Republican Party, which included Free-soilers and antislavery Whigs and Democrats. In opposition, those who supported slavery sided with the still-living Democratic Party. Even though members of these parties embraced a vast range of opinion, slavery was the only issue that could bring them to opposite sides. Both sides saw each other as intolerable and never brought…show more content…
Political parties were divided and created. Both settlers and congressmen were experiencing violence and tension that was caused by the divisive politics of slavery. Finally, the South seceded, feeling like they’ve lost their voice in the federal government with Lincoln’s election. Overall, the issue of slavery and failure to compromise made every American at the time felt like they were discriminated against or ignored. The Civil War broke out as a result of their struggle for their own
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