Analyze The Causes Of The Progressive Movement

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I am shocked that you would choose me to give away your hold life saving One million dollars to the three progressive causes that would solve the struggles that the United State is going through, After doing all this mistake in front of your eyes, ever since when I was young. But now I could say it would be Is an honored to fill your wishes. At the moment when the Progressive era started in the 1890s when the muckraker fight for freedom and success in our society that it is today. Even though it was hard to decide where to put my $1,000,000 million dollars. The research of the progressive causes leads my decision to choose the three progressive cause to Women 's suffrage, Child labor, and food safety. Women suffrage is a major problem that women doesn 't have to right to vote for what they believed in, When women should have every right to their opinion on the country they live in and should have just as much of a valued input and opinion as any man would have. Men and government often see women 's as a person who keep the house clean, wholesome, and feed her children properly. "If women would fulfill her traditional responsibility to her own children, Then she must bring herself to use the ballot, American women need…show more content…
Food safety is getting $100,00 dollar because the foods is in a bad condition, Employees are peeing and pooping near the food. [Document D] There would be meant that had tumbled out on the floor, in the dirt and sawdust, where workers had tramped and spit.The place is dark, the employee could not see rats clearly, but could run his hand over these piles of meat and sweep of handfuls of dried dung of rat which are nuisances said Upton Sinclair. Foods is completely unsafe, people who eat this are most likely to get sick and could also possibly cause to point where they couldn 't breath. Many people are eating food that mixed with spit, poop, pee, rats poop, dead rats and a poison that kills the rats but not knowing that is in a bad
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