Analyze The Factors That Caused Change In The Industrial Revolution 1750-1870

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There were many factors that caused change in Europe during the period 1750-1870. It was a period of enlightenment and revolution and many changes occurred. This essay will attempt to address a sample of the most important factors. The essay will refer to the industrial revolution, the French revolution and the romantic revolution and how these impacted Europe and caused change. It will address how each event or movement changed Europe during the period in question. The conclusion will be made that the period 1750-1870 was a period of immense change in Europe. A “revolution” is defined as “a dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation” and in terms of the industrial revolution, there could not be a better description. The first major development that is often considered the founding factor of the industrial revolution was the development of the spinning machine. Employed by Richard Arkwright to create this machine, John Kay…show more content…
The most important, and one still used today was the development of the vaccine. Edward Jenner made an observation that cow maids exposed to cow pox did not seem to develop smallpox. From this observation, he infected a young boy with cow pox. Having fully recovered from this, unpleasant but rather harmless infection, the young boy was exposed to smallpox. He did not get infected and Jenner concluded that he had built up an immunity to the disease. This was a huge discovery for science and medicine and to this day the vaccine has helped to prevent people throughout Europe from developing diseases. Vaccinations for disease such as cholera and anthrax were later developed in the same way. This discovery, without a doubt, changed medicine in Europe. There were many other developments in medicine in this period including the first blood-transfusion by James Blundell and the invention of the stethoscope by René

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