Analyze The Reasons For Reconstruction Dbq

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The National Women Suffrage Association, as you can no doubt tell, was National. Led by the high-minded members, nameely Stanton and Anthony, the NWSA wanted a federal way to gain rights. The Governments that were created in reconstruction Blacks had majority Republican Party was super strong Democrats and scalawags: Democrats called white southies who were republican “scalawags” These people were poor and uneducated. wanted profit from benefiting the right party Some of them wanted a strong government that followed the American System (wasn’t called that) Secession was out of the question - why do it in the first place? Carpetbaggers were Northerners who came to the South. Apparently they had so little that their belongings were carried in…show more content…
Well. Texas v. White in 1869 probed that the Court thought that the Union had to stay together. Secession was not condoned in the court so reconstruction was allowed. There were some problems. The biggest one was the Slaughterhouse Decisions. In 1873, the Court weakened its position for reconstruction. A special slaughterhouse was allowed a monopoly in Louisiana, and the other slaughterhouses sued. Obviously this was a violation of the 14th. Unfortunately for the other slaughterhouses, the chief Justice said that the 14th was made specifically for blacks, not for whites (of course, he did not say exactly that, but that was the intent). The claim was that the US and the state were different, and the state had the final say, not the US. The Compromise of 1877 The Compromise of 1877 had its origins in political and greedy needs. The election of 1876 was undecided, but Southern Democrats had to be convinced somehow of allowing Republican Hayes to be president over Tilden. Hayes did this by the Compromise of 1877; there was a promise to remove US military forces in the South, as well as support the South. All Hayes did was remove federal troops from the
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