Analyze The Reasons For Shays Rebellion

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As of recently, there have been reports of an increase in taxes to pay off debts in Massachusetts. A huge number of individuals who couldn 't pay these taxes are farmers, and they ended up finding themselves going to court, then to prison. This issue had led to the start of the Shay 's Rebellion, which was a fight for change between the farmers and the legislatures. I believe that the farmers were making the right decision to oppose the government because of the unfair laws that were placed. The farmers had experienced so much, and taxes had affected them profoundly to the point where they wanted to overthrow the government in control. In order to do this they needed to fight for change, so at first, they began handing out petitions for paper cash, bring down taxes and judicial reforms. This was the initial step of building up another kind of government. However, there were no signs of modification that had been executed by the government, so farmers had chosen to arrange a new plan. The plan was to just sit outside of a variety of courts and wait until they would close everything down. Despite the fact that this wasn 't a very intelligent choice, it benefited a large portion of the farmers because since the courts were shut down the court…show more content…
On the other hand, the government had reasons to why they needed to put down the rebellion. One of the reasons behind why the government battled against the rebellions was because they felt as though the farmer had bad intentions and were attempting to gain more power. Also, they were simply trying to shield the courthouses from any sorts of destruction. As a result, some rebellions, unfortunately, were killed or wounded. However, I would still consider them to be on the wrong side since they were basically taking money from individuals until they didn 't have anything left. This will cause all of the citizens to be bankrupt, then the nation will end up crumbling into pieces and everything would vanish in a matter of
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