Analyze The Reasons For Waging War Dbq Essay

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1776 marked a significant year in American history. That was the year in which the U.S. declared its independence from its fathering nation, Britain. Britain did not just give America the freedom, America fought for their freedom. American broke away for numerous reasons. This paper will explain why the colonists broke away and whether or not their reasons for waging war and breaking justified. After the French and Indian War, England did not allow any of the colonists to move into their new land. The colonists had helped the British fight in the war so they believed that they should have just as much assess to the land. The British said they were only fighting to defend the colonists. According to document 1, “from a War undertaken solely for their [ the Americans’] Protection… a War undertaken for their defense only…” In all honesty, the revolution occurred as a result of the French and Indian War. After the fact that Britain held all of the new conquered land, they did not just stop there. After fighting a war for almost a decade, consequently Britain falls in debt. In order to repay their debt, they decided…show more content…
Angry colonists lead to boycotts, rebellions, and revolutions. The colonists boycotted British imports, leading to the king sending more soldiers. As time builds goes along, the tension between the colonists grow immensely. On the infamous day of March 5, 2016, the deadliest snowball fight ever took place, better known as the Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre is often portrayed as the British soldiers lining up and shooting into a peaceful protest, where in reality, in was not at all a massacre. A group of colonists, around 200 people, where hurling snowballs filled with rocks, throwing ice, and throwing clubs at the soldier. Out of defense for their life, the soldiers fired a few shots, killing 5. Document three states… “Order quickly broke down and the frighten soldiers fired into the
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