Analyze The Role Of Political Parties In The United States

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Political parties in the United States are organized through specific factors and mainly categorized through three factors. Firstly to begin with the national, the national party has a national chair that speaks for a specific party. The national party chair is the head of the committee. The chair is picked in two ways one he can be chosen by the current president or through the new presidential candidate. He has the right to place a person due to the time or duration they have been in. In addition, the chair may also be chosen by the national committee. The chair is always the head of the party who’s the main speaker. Their main role is to negotiate disputes and be preparing for the next president. The national committees are mainly the Democratic national committee and Republican national…show more content…
The National Republican committee was first established in 1860’s. Then the Democrats established a similar committee. After the initiation of the senate in 1913 both parties had their own separate campaigns, and they had a three part arrangement: the senate, the house and the national party all present in Washington. The committees of both parties focus on supporting and aiding the presidential campaign. The congressional campaign works to maximize the seats in the congress for their parties. The national convention is basically when each party has a convention to nominate the president and vice presidential candidates. The Democratic Party has super delegates; they’re delegates that do not support any specific candidate. Therefore they are free to choose on who they will support. Party conventions are mainly a way for the political party to gain more support and mobilize their supporters and also maximize them. The political party already knows before entering a state that the state itself is a supporter of the candidate because they would not want to waste their time on a state that is not a potential
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