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Tips To For Switching Your Toddler From Home Care To Daycare One of the hardest times for you and your toddler will be when you make the switch from taking care of them at home to using daycare. As hard as it may seem for your toddler, it can actually be harder for you as a parent to make the big switch. For those parents that are going back to work after being home with your toddler for quite some time, these tips can help make the transition easier. Expose Your Toddler To Different Care Providers If you have never left your kid alone with a babysitter or another care provider before, that first day where you do dropoff will be incredibly challenging for both of you. Try exposing your toddler to other types of care providers before you make…show more content…
There are other daycare centers that offer hourly dropoff times when scheduled in advance, letting you run some errands. These experiences will make it seem normal for your toddler that there is a place that they go to interact with other kids, as well as other adults that are not their parents. Visit The Daycare With Your Toddler The first time you visit the daycare should not be the first day that you do a full day dropoff with your toddler. Schedule some time where you can come with your toddler, allowing you to interact with them, the other kids, and the teachers. Not only does this get you more familiar with the routines they will be doing on a daily basis, but it helps your toddler get through the new experience with a familiar face. When they return for a drop off day on their own, it won’t be so scary to them anymore. Talk About The Daycare Positively At Home If you talk about daycare as something that will make you worried, your toddler will feel the same way. You should be having discussions about going to daycare with your toddler leading up to when they start. Make it seem exciting, that they are a big kid and that they are going to start going to school soon to learn many new
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