Analyzing Brooks's Poem 'The Mother'

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In this poem “The Mother” it was this mother that had many abortions. This speaker was having an emotional breakdown. For example, “I have heard in the voices of the wind the voices of my dim killed children” (Brooks 11). When reading ‘’The Mother’’ the speaker was talking about her and focusing on the children she aborted. But the speaker never mentioned a father. So, after realizing she did not mention a father this question came to an understanding. Why do people have different emotional and physical feelings after abortions? When asking that question by people it means men and women. There is evidence of when it comes to abortions many people do not think about the men withdrawals. Abortions, which are the discontinuation of a pregnancy…show more content…
First, it mentioned how abortions have significant and serious emotional harm for some women. Then it said how abortions affect men and how that story is untold and unexamined. By law, men are excluded from the decision on having the child it is only the mother decision. They worked in clinical practice over many years and cited others from where they got some of their information from. When women abort their child, there are many scenarios of male involvement. For example, ‘’ he knows about the pregnancy but hides his own feeling or beliefs from the woman out of his attempt to ‘’love’’ her and affirm her rights over her body’’ (Rue, Tellefsen 1996). Some men never know that they have been fathers. For example, ‘’ he doesn’t know she is pregnant and she aborts without his knowledge’’ (Rue, Tellefsen 1996). For others, their relationships between their companion simply end and the relationships that try to stay together to work things out after an abortion they limp on with a connivance of silence. These men feel confused and hurt that they abort their lives. For example, ‘’these ‘’forgotten father’’ must not only deal with their grief and sadness over the irrevocable loss of their children and their guilt about not protesting their offspring’’ (Rue, Tellefsen
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