Analyzing Conrad Jarrett's Ordinary People

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Analysis of Ordinary People In the movie, the Jarrett family is a rather normal family who has just lost one of their sons. After they lose Buck the family becomes very dysfunctional as Conrad, the other son, blames himself for his brothers death, and Beth, the mother, feels anger toward Conrad. Throughout the film, the family engages in many different acts of silence and violence. Conrad and Beth tend to use violence in the way they defend themselves. The dad, however, begins by using silence that developed into violence towards the end. Conrad Jarrett has had poor mental health since his brother died. In the beginning of the film, Conrad uses silence with his mother. Every time they come into contact they both refuse to acknowledge anything…show more content…
Beth uses silence against Calvin a lot throughout the film during their discussions. At one point in the movie, while she and Calvin are having a discussion she walks away when he starts talking about both of their feelings. On multiple occasions Beth gets angry with Conrad when he tries to bring up Buck. This results from her own feelings not being addressed. Beth could create safety for her and Conrad to be able to have open and honest discussions about their feelings. By talking with others she would stop withdrawing and avoiding her feelings. Calvin uses large amounts of silence in the beginning of the film, but turns to more violence towards the end. While running with a work friend, Calvin disregards his feelings and lies about the family’s well being. When Beth begins to yell at Conrad for quitting the swim team without telling her, Calvin begins to yell at Beth for her poor treatment of Conrad and relates her yelling to her feelings. Calvin could create safety for him and the rest of the family to have a sincere discussion and for them to be honest with each other. The Jarrett family uses many different techniques of silence and violence to mask their true feelings. If they would use the conflict management techniques mentioned, they would have a healthy and open relationship as a family. By having open conversations, the family could address their Maslow love and belonging
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