Analyzing Emily Dickinson's Poem 'I Heard A Fly Buzz'

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Andrew Aguilar Judy Kirchner English 5/4/16 Assignment 9 Literature-Written In the poem, “I Heard A fly Buzz” is by Emily Dickinson. It uses the poems meter by using the iambic meter. They made the syllables into 2 syllable parts and have the second syllables they emphasis. She doesn’t really use a rhyme scheme either for this poem. She makes the lines 14 and 16 the only lines rhyme. She uses me and sees at the end and the other lines don’t rhyme at all. She uses imagery in this poem a lot in each stanza. In the first stanza, she says that all she heard was a fly buzzing in a quiet room. In her second stanza she uses imagery as when she takes, her last breathe as when a king first gets his first taste of power. In the third stanza, she tells
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