Analyzing Hera Character In Callisto's Jealousy

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Hera strikes me as a very jealous character. Jealousy can make people do irrational things. Hera did just that, she saw that Callisto was praised by her husband, Zeus and turned Callisto into a bear. Hera strikes me also as cruel because she took Callisto away from her son. By taking away Callisto away from her human life she also took away her chance to be happy. I believe that the situation could of turned out better if she had contained her jealousy and did not act out of rage. Once while Callisto was a bear, a hunter, who Callisto recognized as her grown son, appeared. The hunter raised his weapon to defend himself. To stop the death of Callisto, Zeus took Callisto and her son, the hunter, into the sky. Zeus’s action made Hera very angry
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