Analyzing John Lewis Speech

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John Lewis is trying to get people to get on his side, he is using the cry “one man one vote” as his own too, to make his speech sound better and hook people in with a sympathetic feeling behind it, crying out “ ‘one man one vote’ is our cry too” gets the crowd going and makes the law enforcement think about what they’re doing. John Lewis reminds the audience that colored people need voting rights, and that they are human too, just like white people used to fight for their voting rights colored people are willing to fight for them as well, Lewis also states that many colored people want to vote and want their voices and opinions to be heard. In other words, the government claims to be helping all the people with their phrase “separate but equal”,…show more content…
Additionally in this section of Lewis’ speech, he emphasizes the fact that white people are allowed to vote even if they have not even gotten passed the sixth grade, uneducated people get to vote, and only few colored people are allowed to vote. That is to say, Lewis feels that he should mention getting voting rights from the government in his speech, Lewis not only wants to desegregate the world but he also wants to allow colored people to vote and to allow them to do the same things a white person is allowed to do. The evidence highlights that colored people are struggling to keep themselves together, segregation and unfair laws are killing them and separating them from their families just fro small things that white people would get excused for ninety nine percent of the time, the government keeps lying to everyone and giving false hopes and dreams for the future. In summary colored people are fighting not only for a better treatment from law enforcement, but they are also looking for their rights to vote, they want to be heard and want to make their own decisions for
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