Analyzing Keaton's Performance In The Film Birdman

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In the clip tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow of the movie Birdman, Keaton’s performance convey many meanings. It is for a reason many people rank this scene as the best one in the entire movie. Those meanings could be found in his facial expression, his gestures, his mannerism, and his vocal delivery. His performance conveyed as much as an understanding of his character as of his past and future. First of all, at the very beginning, Keaton lost his patience with the critic and speak to her in an unsurprisingly insulting way to her. The way he said it, expressed how often he uses profanity. He said it with a lot of pauses, which enhanced the drama the viewer could feel while he carve his own tomb. But as the critic respond to him, the sense of his doom starts to be felt, particularly when she says ‘I’m gonna kill your play’ while putting a flower in his hand. With the way he throws the flower, it can be sensed that he wants not to care about that threat. As he rub his nose and take her drink, he gives off a feeling of oldness and not to care. The way he laughs before taking her drink for a sip could suggest he is mocking her. However, when he drinks it with desperation in his second…show more content…
A sense of wandering could be seen. Compared to before in the movie, where he would pass by in a faster pass, now it feels as if the world was on his shoulder. His entire persona that was build throughout the entire movie seems off. When he goes and get a bottle of whiskey, all traces of sarcasm and cockiness left him. So much is in his head that he doesn’t hear the price for the bottle. The way he rejected the seller for the change shows how much right now, nothing makes him care. He is so quiet and awkward, it almost gives a sense of empathy for him, even though he had it coming. The same could be said when the man shouting the speech said it was for him. He just looks at him a leaves, which is very unusual for
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