Analyzing Managerial Decisions Case Study Answer

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1. I think Lloyd should not fire Steve because he was the person being provoked into action against Roberto. It is understandable that working in a busy and hot environment such as kitchen will raise pressures among the staffs. Especially on a day with high volume of guests that swarm the restaurant. Furthermore, Steve had been performing excellent well at work and always went for the extra mile for the job. Likable by the coworkers and praise by guests for his work are some of the wonderful qualities of Steve. He is an employee that I would try to keep as long as possible. However, there is a need for disciplinary action against Steve for using violent toward co-worker. No matter what the situation is, violent should never be the answer to solve the problem. Since Steve gotten a 3 days suspend without paid already, he would also need to be written in file and there will be no raise in salary on his next evaluation, furthermore if this action happen again, he will…show more content…
I think Lloyd should not fire Roberto either, even though we know that it is an attitude problem with Roberto calling on cooks. What Roberto did, we cannot define is right or wrong, because at some point in our lives, we will be in a situation where frustration at work took over us. I think that Roberto’s attitude is mainly the problem from this situation, If would be best if Lloyd can have a talk with Roberto and discuss a way to fix all his problems at work. The last appraisal was six months ago and the supervisor already noted his file for being the troubles. I believe he was not understood well enough, and have a serious attitude to fix his problems. As for the disciplinary action against Roberto, with the 3 days suspend without paid is enough. Another warning would do nothing to him unless he correct himself. I believe this type of employee will not last long in the company since there are no coworkers are truly backing for him. A loner in a teamwork environment just does not fit this type of

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