Analyzing Neil Gaiman's 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties'

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Hunter Brown
Professor Howe
English 301
Character Analysis Essay

Did you know that there is actually a phobia for being afraid of women? It’s called Gynophobia, in definition means great fear in women or of the female. In “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”, by Neil Gaiman, two teenage friends named Vic and Enn are presented to us while looking for a party that a girl they know named Allison is throwing. They manage to lose Allison’s address and decide to just wing it, resulting in them stumbling across a house that’s also throwing a party. They enter the party where there immediately get introduced to a very beautiful girl named Stella which Vic immediately clings on to. Enn wanders the typical party scene house which is filled with a very good girl to guy ratio. While Vic makes the beautiful girl Stella his, Enn
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Since Enn isn’t around girls besides his sister he doesn’t know how to pursue similar in age females, “I did not know what to say to girls, and I told him so” (Gaiman pg229). Before and in the beginning of the party Enn was still clueless and very hesitant on how to approach girls. As Enn is roaming the party alone, “he didn’t dare say anything to a group of girls who were talking in the under lit kitchen” (Gaiman pg231) in which he came across some time throughout the beginning of their arrival. These two quotes are evidence in which it indicates that Enn is very shy and inexperienced with girls. When the story mentions Enn wouldn’t, “dare say anything” it indicates that he is used to not confronting and talking to girls, which we can only make an inference that he is being reserved resulting in part of his character being shy. When you don’t know what to say to your opposite sex it insinuates that you haven’t had a lot of experience to know what to do or talk about. However, it’s something you can pick up fast if you just do
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