Analyzing Philip Roth's 'The Plot Against America'

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Nitin Basra Summer Reading Assignment The Plot Against America by Philip Roth 1. “And when are we moving to Canada,” Sandy asked her. “because of your persecution complex?” Pointing his finger, my father said, “Don’t mimic your stupid aunt. Don’t talk back like that ever This part of the book really appealed to me as I was reading it. I felt like I was in the main character 's shoes at that moment of time.. Roth used literary techniques such as imagery to convey convince his readers about the disappointment the mother had about Sandy. Imagery was used by Roth to allows the avid reader to imagine a hopeless mother helping her child. 3. Philip looked up to his father and he could never let his father down. Roth gave it his all for his family and never let where he lived affect him. Philip also experienced first hand to see his father crying, which in itself is traumatizing. Philip was indeed startled by this but had to begin a new life and stop depending on his father for support if you are in trouble. 4. Roth throughout the novel has reassured the reader that he believes the Lindberg is not against jews. It is very evident that Sandy has changed quite a lot both emotionally and physically. Sandy is beginning to learn the norms of the world and…show more content…
I never read a book like this before because the way Roth writes is distinctly different from what I am used to reading. But I managed to get through the book with some difficulties but managed to get through it by using a dictionary and using other sources to guide me through Roth’s writing. As I continued to read the book I had a better experience to finish the book because I actually understood what I was reading. The writing style Roth employs is a detailed anecdote of each character in the book. There were many lines the read would forget that made a big difference if you did not remember them but Roth always referred back to them to refresh the readers
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