Analyzing Piaget's Observation In A Lego Store

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Introduction The observation took place in a Lego store. A young girl aged three to four years old accompanied her mother for shopping in a Lego Store. They wanted to purchase an educational toy to ensure that the young girl enjoyed endless hours of play. The young girl was attracted to the flashy displays of new hot toys and pushed her mother to purchase them as explained by the domain-specific cognitive development theory and Piaget’s idea of centration and egocentrism. However, based on the social conventional domain, the mother exercised her authority by refusing to purchase buy the new hot toys for the young girl.her daughter. Summary of Observations The mother had a particular model of the educational toy in mind that she wanted to buy for…show more content…
The behavior of the young girl also derives explanation from Piaget’s theory on centration, which is the greatest limitation of thinking in young children. Based on this theory, the child had the tendency to focus on only one aspect of the new hot educational toy to the exclusion of all the other toy models in the store. From Piaget’s perspective, the behavior of the young girl can be described as egocentric since she was a captive of her perspective and could not take that of her parent’s. Moreover, The the child also seems to be confusing between the appearance of the hot new educational toys and reality. Based on the Domain-Specific Cognitive Development theory, it is evident that the young girl had primitive theories about how the world works, and consequently, this had a significant influence on how she thinks and acts when it comes to the purchase of educational toys. The authority exercised by the parent in refusing to buy the new hot toys for the young girl is a social conventional domain (Lightfoot et al., 2012).
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