Analyzing Piaget's Theory

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Habituation is a method that might be used to explore predictions of Piaget’s theory. 2a. The habituation technique is being used to study the memory of infants, who are being exposed to repeated stimulus. Infants becomes used to an object or event after being exposed to the same thing. Habituation is a decrease in responsiveness due to repeated stimulus. Dishabituation is like the opposed of habituation, it basically recover the response of habituation of an old stimulus. Habituation helps researchers test the cognitive capacity of infants by seeing the amount of information an infant retains and recognizes after observing what the infant is focused on. 2b. An alternative technique that could be used to test the cognitive capacity of infants is by observing if an infant could recall an adult action. For example, when the parent clap for the infants, could the infant remember the clap due to repeating stimulus, do the infant recognize the parent voice. Researchers can observe of brain based on the infant behavior. 2c.…show more content…
The advantages of using habituation technique over if infants could recall an adult action is that the habituation technique is a faster way to understand the infant memories by observing their
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