Analyzing Richard Notkin's All Nations Have Their Moments Of Foolishness

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An icy cold stare coming from a very influential individual would come across as an evil man making the wrong decision right? Richard Notkin creates an image of George W. Bush out of small tiles all put together in a piece called “All Nations Have Their Moments of Foolishness.” Originally I believed this image portrayed a connection to Bush’s decisions in Afghanistan and the horrific event of 9/11. These decisions then effected how he was viewed from society. Notkins article the “Artist Statement” analyzes the truthful meaning of the piece, which is truthfulness. The artist’s analysis and points assist me to come to the conclusion of truthfulness. The small images that were formed on the tiles helps the audience reach the conclusion…show more content…
Notkins describes his audience by saying “It is my desire that my work be accessible to the average person, the non-art-world-insider” (4). A universal theme such as truthfulness should be addressed to the nation as whole. It would not make sense if a universal theme was only applied to a selected group of people. Notkins reference to his universal audience establishes the theme of the piece of art. The chosen image of Bush is explained through reasoning and this aspect adds to the universal theme. Notkin states “The image was chosen not to ridicule, but to capture some essence of the man” (3). In other words, to reveal the real side of Bush on how he was two-faced. The image reveals the truth to society, which is constantly being told lies by people like Bush. The artist was just revealing the truth about Bush. Notkins analysis of his piece of art called “All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness” helps one conclude that the meaning of the art is truthfulness. The meaning of the micro images, the universal audience, and the choosing of the image of Bush play key roles in concluding this theme. These points helped me go from the theme of mistakes made in Afghanistan or 9/11, to the hiding of the truth from events like this. Maybe Notkin is warning us about our future if we keep having the truth hidden from
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