Analyzing Rita Dove's Poem 'The Event'

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The Event First let me start by saying this is sad a tragedy and nothing you ever want to see yourself with a close friend of yours. To friend were hanging close friends when one friend says “You’re So Fine and Mighty let’s see what you can do” (Rita Dove The Event) This is when Thomas challenged his friend to swim out to an island which this didn’t turn out good his friend ended up drowning “under, dissolved in the thickening stream. At his feet a stinking circle of rags, the half-shell mandolin. Where the wheel turned the water” (Rita Dove The Event) Here I felt the helplessness and despair that Thomas was feeling. Basically the feeling was like he just sent a good friend to death. I would felt the same way because it could of all have been…show more content…
(English 2324 Rita Dove Explains her poetry) This was very sad as he was looking for help but he was dying and his only help was putting out a cigarette and leave which was disturbing how could you leave someone to die without trying to help. Thomas could grab his medicine he couldn’t honk to horn to get someone attention this was a very devastating moment. The part that was very heartbreaking was when he mentions “Thomas imagined his wife as she awoke missing him” (Rita Dove The Event) He was leaving his love one behind without her even knowing what happen. I could only image how the wife would feel about this when she gets the bad…show more content…
Also change how you act towards situation with people outside your home. This child learns that her half Cherokee father was drunk. She also saw her mother as strong black women that protected her daughter from a drunk man. It is horrible for a child to have parent that is an abuser and drunks no child deserves this type of environment. But she follows her mother’s lead with the toughness she became a strong woman as well. But what was a bit confusing being why was her mother so powerful towards the father did he abuse the child or her in the
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