Analyzing Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead'

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“The Waking Dead” Season 7 Spoilers: New Fan Theory Bolsters Surprise Element of Season 7
Season 7 of “The Walking Dead” is still four months away and therefore, the wait is quite long for fans. But they know how to manage it. Theories have always been a fallback option for them and continue to be so. But the latest is quite a shocker.
As per reports, fans speculate that Negan did not kill anyone out of Daryl, Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham and Michonne. Instead, he killed one of his own gang members. Now this is quite a U-turn but fans reason that Nick does so in order to send a very strong message- he does not spare anyone.
Well, it might be true as Robert Kirkman had hinted at a super shocking season 7 and also indicated that the cliffhanger was something that prepared the stage for season 7. He recently said that the next season will have something which fans did not see coming at any point during the cliffhanger finale.
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This shocker will make them feel betrayed and thereby, hamper the credibility of the zombie series.
But “The Walking Dead” creators have been known to spring surprises and this is definitely one of the possibilities. They have deviated from the comic book version in the past and this time they might choose to spare Glenn who gets killed in the

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