Analyzing Ruben Cantu's Murder Case

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well before you just accuse someone of starting the fire and killing them for something they didn’t even do.
m. Ruben Cantu – He was 17 at the time of the crime he was found guilty of committing. He was convicted of capital murder, and in 1993, the Huntsville Texas teen was executed. Almost 12 years after his execution, investigations showed that Cantu didn’t commit the murder. The lone eyewitness recanted his testimony and cantus co-defendant later admitted he allowed his friend to be falsely accused, he says Cantu wasn’t even there the night of the murder (police never even found the murder weapon)! Four days after he was convicted, Cantu wrote an impassioned letter to the residents of San Antonio, Texas saying he was “framed” in the murder …show more content…

Carlos DeLuna- In 1989, DeLuna was executed for the stabbing of 24-year-old gas station attendant in Corpus Christi, Texas. About 20 years later, Chicago Tribune uncovered evidence that shows DeLuna was likely innocent. The evidence showed that Carlos Hernandez, a man who even confessed to the murder many times, actually did the crime. Did he confess while Carlos DeLuna was being accused? Yes he did but they still killed the wrong Carlos. Justice Scalia wrote about Carlos’s case and it said “Capital cases are given especially close scrutiny at every level, which is why in most cases many years elapse before the sentence is executed. And of course capital cases receive special attention in the application of executive clemency.” If we pay so much attention to them then why are innocent men and women getting sent to their deaths and the actual murders are either let go free and never get caught until it’s too late or they just get a life in prison while the innocent man got killed for what they did. Get it together people! The book The Wrong Carlos, Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution by James S. Liebman and the Columbia DeLuna Project shows us everything that happened in court with Carlos being accused of something that he didn’t do and how the court did not use all the evidence from the crime scene that could have saved his life. It shows us how wrong the Justice System can be

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