Analyzing Scalia's West Side Story

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Scalia was a judge that was secure in his opinions. He has an interesting opinion on how to interpret the constitution. The way he expresses his ideas sometimes are undermining to the ideas of others. His love for arguing seems to make him interesting but overbearing. Scalia has changed and strengthened the views of others by using his voice. Scalia believes in originalism. This is the idea of interpreting the constitution the way it was meant by the people who ratified it over 200 years ago. This is the idea that the constitution should be durable. This durability should not be seen as flexibility considering that would be changing the intent for the nation they created. He does not like activism or interpreting the constitution based on…show more content…
He uses references to pop culture to make his writing more interesting. One case was using West Side Story. This encourages others to read his works. The more who read, the more likely someone is to see his side as being correct. Spreading originalism is something that he does around the world and is something that can be done with the interesting arguments presented in a fashion that is better understood by the general public. People would also find it amusing to see the rude commentary he has about other people’s…show more content…
She sees the constitution as evolving because the constitution should apply to the people who now have and deserve the right to be a part of “We the people”. Ginsburg has endured some of Scalia’s lack of respect in the form of vicious insults. Luckily for him, the comments do not offend her. With a natural first reaction of exasperation, she takes his words as a challenge. This challenge is to make him look as though his views portray the insults that he vomited. There’s a way to live up to his insult and make him look wrong. She has the ability to make what he believes to be implausible,
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