Analyzing The Assassination Of Carrie Mae Weems 'Democratic Nomination'

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explaining that what she had gone through is something they may have to go through now. The movie continues by showing an artistic reenactment of the horrendous tragedy that was Hiroshima. From there she reenacts the assassination of JFK, Medgar, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcom X. Moving forward she broadcast the civil rights movement from the style to the deep depression that followed. The video revisits it’s opening shot by discussing the 2008 debate between President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, in which Obama had won the Democratic Nomination. Interpretation: This video is very straightforward, it is clear to me that the Artist, Carrie Mae Weems, didn’t wish to simply play out the history, but reenacted it how she remembers it using her own artistic twist. She explains that although the civil rights movement had happened when she was younger, we are still fighting the same issues today. She showcases this in the scene in which she is talking to a beautiful [white] barista and when the topic of race is introduced the conversation becomes somewhat awkward. Much has happened since this video was created and her still shots displayed.
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James Byrd Junior was murdered a year before this film was shot by three white supremacist who had dragged his body across town while he was still alive, only to dump his remains at a local African American cemetery. The racial tension in this town is very clear. The film is not like any other documentary that I have recently seen, it is shot in a very

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