Analyzing Themes In Arthur Miller's Five People You Meet In Heaven

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As we all know from the book “Five People You Meet In Heaven” how Eddie dies thinking his life has no meaning. He thinks that he has no purpose until he is proven wrong. Eddie goes through a lot when he gets to heaven to learn he had a purpose for everything in his life. All five people had a lesson to teach him. He sees and realizes that everything they have to say can relate back to a point in his life. Even I can relate these lessons to what happens in my life. Also we can apply the themes to the meaning of AFJROTC. Here are some themes that I thought was important and are relatable to my life.
My first theme, every life matters or relate in a way, even before you are born. I know this is true because My older sister who died before
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The general made a promise and he wanted to keep it. But it is not that that remind me of my grandma. The fact that he would do anything so that none of his soldiers remind me of her. She would stop at nothing to keep her family safe. Even if she had only a dime to save her life she would give it away. For an example, When my sisters, brother, and I was little life was tough for my mom. She had nowhere to go at point in her life. Nobody wanted or would help her. She was kicked out, but she did everything for us still. We had stayed with her friend. But when my Grandma found out she came from North Carolina to Florida to get us. She took all of us to our us to her house. She only had a small trailer with three bedrooms. But my Grandma would help any of us. She took with us, a friend of the family, my uncle, and cousin in that small house. Finally, We moved into our own home. But my mom still struggled a little. During Christmas my mom had to work to get us things. My Grandma knew that she was very sick, yet she still does all she could to get us all the stuff we wanted. I still have never gotten that much stuff I wanted today for Christmas. She died a month later and she left things to all her sisters,brother, and cousins. Most of her land went to her children and my aunt. I got a lot of stuff as well. My favorite is my jewelry box with a ballerina and her picture inside. This is only the least of what she has done. But this also shows how she has sacrificed for her family as well as kept her promise.
So, as you can see above this book had lots of relatable events inside. It also was a very good book. There are many more ways I could relate to this book. But these are the ones I felt Eddie, the general and I had the most in common. This book makes you think about how everything in your life fits together. Which is how this book taught me a
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