Analyzing Themes In Mark Twain's The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

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Treasure of Lemon Brown Theme David’s dad had graduated from high school, however he dropped out of college and has always regretted dropping out of college. So when David told his father that he was thinking about dropping out of college his father became very infuriated when he heard this. David fought with his father for about a week because he wanted to drop out. Eventually his father explained why he wanted him to stay in college and why he needs to do well and David decided to stay and finish college. Based on what I read in “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”, Greg’s father dropped out of school when he was 13; so he is disappointed in Greg because he didn’t get half the chances Greg has gotten and if he did he would have taken them. Greg is struggling with school and wants to play basketball, but he can’t with bad grades. After being lectured by his dad he learns to enjoy the little parts of life. In the story…show more content…
First of all, Greg displays the theme when he makes sure that Lemon Brown will be okay alone. According to the text, Greg is getting ready to leave but isn’t sure Lemon will be okay alone, “You sure you’ll be OK? Greg asked.” Greg shows the theme because even though he has barely met Lemon Brown he has cherished the fact that he has met him, even though he will be leaving the next day. Furthermore, another time Greg shows the theme is when he goes to ring the doorbell smiling because he finally understood what his dad was saying. Based on what I read Greg went to his house door and rang the doorbell with a smile on his face. This shows the them because Greg realized what his dad had been saying and finally learned to treasure it. In conclusion, in the story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” the author, Walter Dean Myers, displays the theme the little things in life are what you should cherish the most, using the events, the characters, and
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